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Paediatrics is another name for the phrase "healer of children". Pediatric medicine, derived from the Greek words "pais" (child) and "iatros" (doctor), is a specialised branch of healthcare focused on the well-being of infants, children, and adolescents. This branch of study specifically focuses on children from birth until 18 years old. A pediatric care provider takes care of children when they are ill. They also provide preventive care for healthy children so they do not face any health problems in the future.

A paediatrician will often indulge in educating parents on how to care for newborn infants and even older children. The main aim of a paediatrician is to make sure that fewer child deaths or children are suffering under their care. They make sure to discover chronic illness early on so that the children do not suffer longer and can be treated sooner. A paediatrician guides and takes care of a child at every step of their development. Let's find out the types of diseases a paediatrician treats.

About Pediatric Diseases

Children are the embodiment of our future, and they deserve all our attention and care. Along with parents, paediatricians also have a responsibility to look after the well-being of these children and guide them toward a healthy future. Paediatricians play a vital role in diagnosing and treating various health conditions that are common among children. They also work towards the prevention and long-term management of such health issues.

Here are some of the common conditions that a paediatrician treats -

Injuries - It is common for children to play and have fun, but playing comes with the risk of injuries and cuts. Paediatricians are trained to take care of a wide range of injuries. They ensure a child recovers swiftly from injuries.

Infections - Infections like the common cold and other serious infections can harm a child. A paediatrician can take care of these infections by prescribing proper medicines.

Genetic and Congenital Conditions - Pediatricians specialise in diagnosing and managing conditions children may inherit or develop from birth.

Cancer - Cancer by itself is very rare among children. If it is present, paediatricians can detect cancer in its early stages and suggest proper treatment.

Organ Diseases and Dysfunctions - Pediatricians take care of issues related to the organs, ensuring proper function and health of the still-developing organs of an infant.

Paediatrics not only focuses on immediate care but also on long-term effects on a child's quality of life, disability, and survival. Pediatricians are actively involved in the prevention, early detection, and management of a range of issues like -

Developmental Delays and Disorders - It is essential for a paediatrician to identify developmental challenges early on for the child's well-being.

Behavioural Problems - Behavioural problems are also very common among children but can be fixed with proper counselling from a paediatrician. Addressing behavioural concerns ensures a child's emotional and social development.

Functional Disabilities - Pediatricians can help enhance functional abilities, thus ensuring the child's independence.

Social Stresses - A paediatrician can take care of a child suffering from social stresses, thus contributing positively to the child's mental health

Mental Disorders - From depression to anxiety disorders, paediatricians play a vital role in early detection and intervention.

The broad knowledge of this field ensures that children receive comprehensive care, ranging from routine check-ups to managing more complex health issues like cystic fibrosis, ADHD, and autism.

Symptoms that Require a Visit to the Paediatrician

Children are known for their powerhouse of energy and their passion for exploration. This automatically means they are everywhere, touching everything. This makes them prone to infections and common illnesses. Although illness is a natural part of children growing up, certain symptoms must never be avoided. Knowing when to consult a paediatrician gives you a head start, ensuring timely and effective healthcare for your child.

Common Symptoms that require a Pediatrician's Attention -

     A persistent fever, especially in infants, is often a sign of an underlying infection.

     Rapid or laboured breathing and continued coughing can indicate respiratory issues such as asthma or bronchitis.

     Persistent pain, particularly in specific areas like the abdomen or head

     Chronic Fatigue can be a symptom of various health issues, including anaemia or other underlying medical conditions.

     Persistent Vomiting or Diarrhea

     Unexplained skin issues, persistent rashes, or lesions.

     Sudden changes in behaviour, mood swings, or signs of emotional distress.

     Unexpected Weight Loss or Poor Weight Gain

     Frequent or severe headaches in children may indicate migraines, vision problems, or other health issues.

     Developmental Delays such as speech, motor skills, or social interactions.

     Frequent or severe infections, such as ear or urinary tract infections.

     Behavioural or Learning Challenges, for example, concerns about your child's learning abilities

Treatment for Children's Health Issues

To ensure a better and healthier future for this infant, being proactive in treating all health issues at its roots is important. Addressing child health issues early promotes a healthy life for the child when they grow up.

At GTK Hospitals, we focus on early intervention and preventive health care. Our team of skilled paediatricians at GTK Hospitals understands that children's healthcare requires the utmost importance. We believe in providing specialised medical attention for all their physical, mental, and behavioural well-being.

With a focus on early identification and treatment of developmental delays, behavioural problems, social stress, functional disabilities, and mental disorders, we make sure that every child receives personalised and dedicated care.

At GTK Hospitals, your child's health is our priority. We apply evidence-based practices along with the latest medical advancements. Thus, we set the highest standard of care in a warm and welcoming environment.

Cost of Paediatric Consultations

Worrying about your child's well-being and spending much beyond basic healthcare is common. But with GTK Hospitals by your side, you do not have to worry.

At GTK Hospitals, we understand and share your concerns. We believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to everyone, especially regarding your child's well-being.

We have a commitment to providing cost-effective solutions that extend to our pediatric services. This ensures that expert medical care is within reach for all families. We provide routine check-ups to specialised diagnostic tests that are made affordable in every step of the way.

If you are looking for a Pediatrician in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi, GTK Hospitals is here to help. Under our care, your child's health is our priority. Don't let financial concerns get in the way of your child's access to expert pediatric care. Contact us today for affordable and comprehensive pediatric consultations.

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